So yesterday, Fox revealed bits and pieces of information about their upcoming film slate over the next few years. A few pieces stood out more than others. Gambit, originally slated for Oct 7th, 2016, has now been removed from the schedule with no official explanation. What we already knew is that Wolverine 3 is coming March 3, 2017, and just announced, there will be two mystery Marvel movies by Fox coming out on Oct 6th, 2017 and Jan 12, 2018. 

So what are these two mystery Marvel movies from Fox? Considering they own the rights to all things X-Men and Fantastic Four, let’s look at the most likely to least likely possibilities.

Deadpool 2


Deadpool was a monster hit this season and it just passed $600 million worldwide this weekend. Even if the post credits scene didn’t tell you there would be a sequel involving Cable, it’s safe to assume that all of us expected a sequel after seeing the tidal waves of cash flowing their way to Fox. Fancasting is rampant for the part of Cable with everyone from Kiera Knightley to Kevin Nash getting support from someone. Rumors are longtime cohort Domino will also be joining the adventure. This will most likely take the Jan 2018 slot, giving it just under two years between films.

Gambit… Wait. What?????????


Gambit was originally scheduled for Oct 7, 2016, but has suffered some behind the scenes issues already. Director Ruper Wyatt left the film last September after issues with budget and script and was replaced by Doug Liman. Yesterday the film disappeared from the production schedule but a mystery spot opened up 1 year exactly down the line. So with production being delayed on the film due to Director change ups, it’s extremely likely we will see Gambit on screen, just a year after where we were intially told. Delays happen in film and it wouldn’t be that shocking. The only issue with this theory, is that if they were just delaying the film a year, why not just say that instead of leaving the spot open as a mystery? Why create a mystery spot just to later say “Oh yeah. It’s Gambit again.” So while the production time makes sense, the strategy of announcements does not.



Let’s start getting into murkier territory. An X-Force film has been rumored and is supposedly Ryan Reynold’s next big project of self wish-fulfillment. There could be the chance that Deadpool 2 opens in Oct for X-Force to open in Jan of the following year creating one long story line, especially considering Deadpool and Cable will  play a large part in both of them. This would be a very accelerated timetable for the two films to come out. Usually a two part film will be separated by a minimum of 6 months.

Fantastic Four-2


Well this is the franchise that just can’t win. Fox has taken a not-so-fantastic 4 attempts at the Fantastic Four, starting in 1994 with the film that was made and not released to keep the rights, the two in the 200’s featuring Chris Evans and company, and this most recent attempt. A sequel had been planned for June 2017 but was removed from the schedule sometime last year after the poor box office of the last attempt. The last word from Fox was that they “hadn’t given up” on the franchise. So perhaps it is back on track to make up for the last attempt.

X-Men Apocalypse Sequel


A film with the subtitle Apocalypse sure does sound like a finale. Reportedly this film will serve as a somewhat bookend for the quasi prequel triology following McAvoy’s Xavier and company. However Director Bryan Singer was quoted as saying this film was “kind of a conclusion of six X-Men films, yet a potential rebirth of younger, newer characters” and the “true birth of the X-Men.” Since they are setting up new versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Storm, there is plenty of room for continuing adventures of X-Men, especially considering these films’ continued success. However, last year Fox announced a July 13, 2018 release date for a mystery Marvel film. So it would be more than likely that another sequel would fall in the typical summer spot, just two years after the Apocalypse. Then again, event movies are now coming year-round instead of only during the summer.

The Silver Surfer


All right, lets get weird for a bit. Back in the 2000’s, Fox was hot for a Silver Surfer movie that never materialized and they’ve been holding onto the character ever since. This is a character perfect for a cameo in the cosmic adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy or in the big wrap up Avengers: Infinity War: Parts I and II. However, with Fox holding the rights, here’s to hoping that we may one day again see the herald of Galactus, or you know, an actual decent version of Galactus.

Future Foundation


Take the family aspect of the Fantastic Four and turn it up a few notches and you have the Future Foundation. Future Foundation features Sue and Reed Richards, and the Thing joined by Spider-man, the Richards’ children Franklin and Valeria, Artie Maddicks, Leech and several others. Even Dr. Doom was a member for a time. They could easily replace Human Torch for Spider-man, who was serving for the Torch due to his temporary death, since Fox doesn’t own the rights to Spider-man. This would be a wholly unique film amongst all the other superhero properties due to its strange unique tone, large family roster, and joyful acceptance of everything science fiction. Basically it relies on everything the Fantastic Four films have neglected. Which is exactly what would make it stand apart from the crowd, and exactly the reason Fox most likely won’t take the risk on it.



No! That is not Slimer! That is Doop from the X-Force, X-Statix and Wolverine and the X-Men series. If you’ve never heard of him you should definitely check out those series to get the green goop that is Doop. Ok. This is by far the least likely, but you can’t hate a guy for trying.

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