This weekend found Nintendo gaining a lot of favor with gamers in many ways. While yes, there were the announcments of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon and the digital re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, (which most of our staff is playing currently) the internet actually was quite abuzz with another set of Nintendo based information. That very information centered on none other than their mysterious upcoming console, the NX!

According to a source, known only as Geno, The NX is quite literally all of the entertainment you could want packaged into one device. The original information was given to  Dual Pixels and can be viewed here. Here are the points summarized.

1.) It advances on the wireless streaming technology found in the Wii U

Anyone who has a Wii U has experienced how handy and cool the streaming technology of the game pad is. They also know just how convenient it is not have to deal with all of the wires and such and just be able to plug in the system and play. (It doesn’t even require a TV!) It seems that Nintendo is further advancing down that road and is basically setting the system up to be able to connect wirelessly to your television via an HDMI dongle and stream from there.

2.) The Control simulates actual interaction

That might sound like a weird point but its actually going to create a unique gaming experience. So currently controllers vibrate and such while firing guns, taking damage, etc. The rumors state that there are motors in the controllers themselves which will kickback against you when you do things like run into a wall or feel the kickback of a gun shot. (Or the wall telling you NO when you try to cut through it because you are stuck in the next Zelda game.)

3.) It is your entertainment EVERYTHING

It apparently can bluetooth to everything you own! Like…literally…everything! Your sound systems, your tablets, (which is handy for those lets play videos) even your cell phone! Yes, your phone! It can apparently even answer phone calls and display text messages…which is nuts….

4.) Developers love this thing

So Nintendo sent out developer kits to some people a little while back and the feedback has said that this thing is awesome. It apparently has the “Power” of the PS4 and the Xbox One and is so good at emulation that developers can use the same source code as those 2 systems. That might not mean much to you until you realize that this allows for not only older titles like Fallout 4, and Destiny to be released on the NX but in addition all games made by 3rd party groups for PS4 and Xbox One can now be released for Nintendo’s new system as well. This means that Nintendo is no longer on its own island of being a niche system and can finally keep pace with the other 2 companies as far as the massive amount of 3rd party games. In addition, they can also use their own TREMENDOUS roster of characters to perhaps create the greatest selection of games that we have ever seen. That’s not even including all the possibilities from the Nintendo Eshop.

5.) It is user friendly

The developers have also been impressed with how easy to use this system has been. In fact the rumor source, Geno, has stated that its so easy to use that part of the reason Nintendo has been so tight lipped is because they were concerned that people would mistake it for an Android OS.

6.) It will be innovative and fun

Now, I’m not exactly sure of every detail or how it will do these things. I do know that Nintendo has a great track record of making systems and games that think outside of the box……well….except for that one time the system was a box. They also continually look to create a great experience for their gamers. With this system, they are aiming to create something that works together with all of the rest of your life as well. This can be seen in how the systems is supposed to connect with your bluetooth devices and the rumor that there will be more interaction between this system and the handheld systems as well. Not only that, but we already see Nintendo trying to interact with the other devices of your life by the development of the upcoming Pokemon Go! If all of these rumors prove to be true, this system is set to possibly be one of the greatest gaming products ever developed. And potentially a huge hit among all audiences of gamers and even non-gamers.

7.) It comes out this year!

Rumors have been circulating for quite a while about this bit; it is said that the system is set to release sometime this year. While we don’t know exactly, it’s safe bet to look at the holiday season. Obviously, this is a prime time to bring in some revenue for the company on systems sales given the Wii U’s underperformance. (which is frustrating for these reasons,) I more so believe this to be true due to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon in the winter.

We will have more information for you on the NX as soon as its released but in the meantime why not check out some of our other articles below!!!

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