Let’s just face it. The gaming market is getting more and more expensive every single day and sometimes the price of it all is just straight up overwhelming to our wallets. Luckily there are people in the world who have set out to provide great and fun gaming experiences to those who just want to be able to kick back and relax with a video game for a few minutes without having to break their bank in the process. So here is a list of some of the best browser games out there for when you are looking to kill a little free time.

bloons td 5

Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons has been around for quite some time now but this iteration is quite possibly the best of the batch. Yes, I know, its a tower defense based around monkeys but trust me, this game is a ton of fun. With everything from basic dart monkeys and spikes, to missile launchers and super powered laser monkeys you will undoubtedly find yourself playing this game for probably much longer than you had initially intended. Play it for yourself here.

robot unicorn attack evolution

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

This game is one that various Iphone users can already tell you is loads of fun but for all you android users out there who may have been missing out, it’s a fast paced platformer that features Robot Hecarims… I mean unicorns, rainbows, explosions, speed and colors….COLORS EVERYWHERE. At first glance I thought it would be really stupid but as I got used to the controls I found myself really enjoying it and spending far more time on it that I ever would have planned to. Try it out for yourself here.

red carpet rampage

Red Carpet Rampage

This game literally just came out and it is hysterical. The game finds its origin in Leonardo Dicaprio’s ever continuing struggle to obtain an Oscar of his own and they take some real life events in that struggle and run with it….literally. I wont ruin most of the surprises of the game for you but I will tell you that Leo must make his way past everything from the paparazzi to Lady Gaga in his quest for his Oscar. Play it here and try it yourself.

pokemon showdown

Pokemon Showdown!

This game is THE Pokemon Simulator to go to for anyone looking to play some online Pokemon. This simulator allows you to put together any combination of Pokemon for your team with any item set you have been wanting to try and then play them in whatever format you are looking to play in. There is even a random format for those who want to test their trainer skills in a more unpredictable setting. Initially it takes a bit of time since you must plan out at least one Pokemon team to play, but once you have that figured out then its lots of fun and much more relaxing than spending hours and hours on the actual handheld version only to have you team steam rolled the first time you go online. Check it out for yourself here.

worlds biggest pacman


I once wrote an article/review about how Super Mario Maker earned its spot as a game of the year nominee. This specific version of Pac-man takes a few notes from Super Mario Maker’s playbook and runs with it, giving players the option to both create their own Pac-Man Maps and play on those others have created. One of the advantages that this game has that Super Mario Maker doesn’t however, is that in this game all the levels are connected to each other. So that means instead of finishing one level and randomly spawning in another, you can literally move Pac-Man progressively through EVERY SINGLE PLAYER CREATED MAP. Seriously this thing has got to be breaking a world record for like the largest gaming map ever or something. Check it out here

Honorable Mention: Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup.

It would have made this list except they took it off the Internet. Darn you RITO!!!!!!

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