It’s a brand new year which can only mean one thing! Okay, that can mean a whole lot of different things, but we are here to talk about one of those things it does mean! A new year’s worth of brand new video games! To help you budget out your finances for the whole year, we have made a list of all the games that you are going to spend money on so take a look and plan your spending accordingly.

1.)Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster and Resident Evil Origins Collection

resident evil

This entry is an HD remake of the classic Resident evil and the popular prequel, Resident Evil Zero. If you want to re-live those terrifying memories of trying to fight your way through the zombie apocalypse or experience resident evil for the very first time, this is the game for you.

2.) Mario And Luigi: Paper Jam


Mario And Luigi: Paper Jam is this crazy combination of the Mario and Luigi series of games with that of you guessed it, Paper Mario. It results in an experience that’s about as wacky as you would expect when through finding the Paper Mario book that the paper world exists in, all of the Paper Mario Residents spill into the Mushroom Kingdom thus resulting in 2 versions of basically everyone, including 2 Bowsers and all the chaos included with him. If you are an owner of a 3ds this is definitely a title that’s going to be worth dropping some cash on.

3.) Lego Marvel’s Avengers

lego avengers

If you have children this game will probably end up in your collection at some point, especially if your kids are superhero fans. Lego Marvel’s Avengers is literally everything you would think that could include. All sorts of bricktacular adventures await the over two hundred characters in the game especially given that this game will include comic book characters that are not currently featured in the MCU. (Seriously … two hundred characters to play as.) If you are a fan of Marvel and/or you enjoy legos, because let’s fact it you aren’t just buying this for your kids, then you will have a joyous time playing this when it comes out.

4.) Far Cry Primal


I have never played a game that was set in prehistoric times before but I must say this game looks really good. You play as a hunter named Takkar who, after being ambushed and having all his weapons and resources taken away, must survive in this harsh stone-age environment. Luckily you have the ability to tame animals through feeding them and have them as your companions throughout the game. There are no shops to buy weapons from so you must do things the old-fashioned way, and we mean really old fashioned, by scavenging items and constructing them yourself. This appears to be a game experience unlike any I have played though previously so I am quite interested to see how this one plays out and look forward to getting a copy myself.

5.) Street fighter V

street fighter

This game series is old man but is still a good ole classic. Street Fighter V is the latest entry in the series and doesn’t really seem to try to overwhelm itself by adding 50 characters into the roster, but rather focuses in on making each fighter its own unique gameplay experience, something other fighter games should take note of and learn. An interesting point to the game is the cross platform compatibility. Yes, you heard me right. The game will be cross platform compatible between both the PS4 console version and the PC version, allowing ANYONE who has a copy of the game to play with anyone else who does. This is also something other gaming companies should take note of and learn.

6.) Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III

It’s Dark Souls. You are going to die a lot … like a lot a lot … and then you will learn how to play better and maybe only die like every other minute instead of every 20 seconds. Its new Dark Souls so it probably will be even more difficult, you might even die if you start the game … or pause … or blink … or breathe …

7.) Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has been in production for a really REALLY long time but it appears that it will finally get to see the light of day this year. The game is a departure from the turn based systems of the past and takes more inspiration from the action based system of Kingdom Hearts. (Which in my opinion is awesome but makes me terrified of the bosses we will face.) The game will take place in a more realistic open world environment featuring a war between two kingdom’s and a protagonist who has been granted magical powers by a near death experience. Anyone who has any sort of love for JRPGs will buy this game but let’s hope that it is critically better than the last non-online entry in the series.

8.) Pokemon Go

pokemon city

I’ve already spoken a ton on this so instead of adding more dialogue about it I am just going to give you this link to our article about how Pokemon are about to exist in the real world.

How Outrage Porn is Crippling Common Sense.

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