By Trevor Law

Freaking Hydra! For those of you who have seen Winter Solider and who are watching Agents of Shield you know that Hydra is a very serious and real threat, but what hasn’t been talked about is just how thoroughly Hydra screwed every government on the planet.

For those of you who haven’t seen Winter Solider, it is discovered that Hydra had infiltrated shield and had been doing so for 70 years. They had manipulated the government into building three helicarriers and with a computer program they would be able to identify future threats before they even happened. Also, by future threats I mean anyone not cool with a radical off shoot of the Nazi’s taking over the world, and having the ability to fight back.

Thanks to the actions of Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury this plan was foiled, but at the expense of Shield collapsing, and every secret they had being totally exposed. In short, had this happened in real life it would be the single greatest national security disaster, ever.

Captian America

If you think that is an exaggeration consider this. Shield was funded by several nations including the U.S., China, India, and several European powers. This would mean that all of their national security establishment would’ve had some links to Shield and thus Hydra. So while their was a massive battle going on at Shield headquarters in Washington similar battles must have been going on in China, India and elsewhere. Agent’s of Shield conforms this as the second half of season one was basically just trying to survive while Hydra turned the world upside down. Battles raged all over the world.

Now here is the super super important part, all of those Hydra agents…they were members of those governments. They were recruited by members of those governments. So not only was Shield compromised but so was literally every government that was a member of it. After this no one could trust anyone, ever! Because they could be an agent of Hydra. They are in season three of agents of shield and they are still finding Hydra agents within the U.S. government!

All of this brings us to the new Captain America movie, Civil War. We don’t know everything but its clear a new government backed group is hunting Bucky Barnes A.K.A. The winter solider, A.K.A. a Hydra programmed assassin. Its perfectly understandable people would be on the war path to take him down. The Government will also be bringing Cap and the Avengers under their authority, because the Avengers are too powerful to be kept unregulated. I say this as someone who is a big believer in big government. I think strong federal controls are vital for security on all fronts, but if I found out that freaking Hydra had been manipulating the government for decades and came horrifyingly close to world domination and was only stopped by Captain America leading a team of heroes who answered to no one and now the government wants to take control of them?! I would give them the biggest middle finger in the history of the world.

star lord gif

The same darn people who either were Hydra, or failed to catch Hydra’s infiltration now want to take over the one group that actually knows how to stop them!? Not only that but since Bucky Barnes doesn’t seem to be on a murder spree anymore there is a very real opportunity to debrief him. Someone who could link every major Hydra operation together and the government wants to kill him?! (Keep in mind Cap tells Bucky they aren’t planning on taking him alive) I would go on the freaking warpath! I would think Hydra could very well be behind it, or someone who was so embarrassed by the government’s failure that they just want to kill him and forget about the entire thing.

If the Government wants to earn anyone’s trust back they should be putting one of the avengers in charge of a new Shield, or whatever the successor to them is. Literally everyone they could pick would have a proven track record of failing to stop Hydra, unless they are an Avenger, and who should that person be? Not Cap, not Iron Man, but Black Widow. She put her life on the line to stop Hydra and she has been in the spy game almost her entire life. There is no one better qualified and if the government doesn’t want to look like a bunch of hypocritical morons, at best, or Hydra sympathizers at worse, then she should be in charge and she should only answer to the President, and other world leaders.

black widow

Her role would be a Hybrid of FEMA director and Homeland security where she would have the authorization to take command of government resources to stop crazy threats, like Ultron or Loki. “But wait!” You say “You said Ultron! The Avengers made that threat! Clearly they are just as flawed as the Government!” The correction to that is Tony Stark made that threat. The Avengers wanted to send Loki’s staff back but Tony went rogue and very bad things happened. No agency can protect against one person just running off and doing whatever they want. The Avengers had one person go rogue, Shield had 2/5ths of it turn out to be outright traitors…for decades!

The Avengers are who should be in charge of stopping major threats, like Hydra, and with Civil War coming in a few months I just had to get this off my chest. Obviously something else could be going on so this needs to be taken with a grain of salt but when our very own James Nelson came out against Cap I thought this deserved a spirited defense.

The Civil War is coming, whose side are you on?


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