By Trevor Law

Ted Cruz believes the United States should only take in Christian Syrians because they are not a threat to national security. Never mind the greater implications of that statement but just the basic bare bones of it. I’m far more interested in talking about his origins, no not his Canadian ones, but more about his father and how he came into the United States.

You see, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz was born in Cuba, and came to this country in 1957. According to him he joined Castro’s revolution against the dictator Batista after being arrested, beaten and tortured when he was just 14. He claims not to have known Castro was a communist. His family then bribed a Batista official for an exit visa and left just before the country fell to Castro. Though there is some debate as to how accurate this story is.

His story is only unique in that it occurred before Castro came to power. When of the biggest immigration waves in U.S. history. By 1970 hundreds of thousands of Cubans had fled, with most settling in the Miami area but large populations settling all over the U.S. This wave of immigration was entirely legal because the U.S. passed the Cuban Adjustment Act in 1965. This stated that if you had been in the United States for a year, and you were from a Cuban national you became a legal citizen. Cuban immigrants were given such treatment for a combination of political and humanitarian reasons.

This was supported by a huge majority in both houses (in the senate it had so much support it passed with a voice vote). This was done despite the widespread concerns of the American public to quote Senator Richard Russel Jr. “to ensure we are not infiltrated on a grandiose scale” by communist agents. During the 1960’s the United States had a very real fear Soviet infiltration and to many Cuban refugees seemed to be the perfect cover for mass infiltration. Communist infiltration had affected every level of the United States, some of it to great effect.

The United States Treasury and State Department had dozens of agents, at one point going as high as the assistant secretary of the treasury. The Soviet Union had infiltrated the Manhattan project and really just about every aspect of society.  The truth is fears of Communist infiltration were very real and very damaging, both in how the United States responded and in its practical effects.

My point in bringing all of this up is that it wouldn’t have been unjustified in the United States worrying that Ted Cruz’s father could’ve been a Communist sleeper agent. After all what would we really know about him? He did admit to working for the Communists once! In fact, if we treated Communists the way Ted Cruz would have us treat Syrian Muslims none would be allowed to enter the United States, at least from certain countries that is.

Now before you say “Hey that’s an unfair comparison! I mean shoot Cubans never launched a terror attack on the U.S. I mean spying isn’t nearly as harmful as terrorism. Well, let me ask you something. What do you think caused more damage to the world, 9/11 or the Soviet Union stealing the secrets of the atomic bomb? Both had huge effects on the world. In fact even today the national security establishment can’t agree on what the greatest threat to national security is even with terrorism on the rise.

So with all that in mind I found it astounding that Ted Cruz would refuse any group, sight unseen, on the grounds of national security. Then again, if we did follow such a policy with Cuba, Ted Cruz would’ve been born to an illegal alien, or would never have been born in Canada to an American woman at all. He is the product of a generation immigration program and to reject people for the very same reasons his father could have been rejected is frankly staggering. So I hope Ted Cruz becomes the face of the anti refugee movement, because no one is better qualified to talk about the pros and cons of letting in a group running from a war torn nation, with a murderous regime and a movement out to destroy the America.

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