By Trevor Law

Star Trek is awesome. I have been a fan since I could watch TV. Some of my earliest memories are watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was launched the year I was born. That series spawned four movies, and three more Star Trek series came after it, and this is not including the three season of the original series, or the six movies. In fact, Star Trek is the most successful, and longest lasting franchise out there, so it would only make sense for the right holders to FINALLY make another go at it. Since we don’t know exactly what or where the new show will take place, here’s a few ideas we’ve thrown together.

1. Starfleet Medical


The idea for this show is Star Trek meets ER or MASH. Its about a medical ship as it travels all over the galaxy dealing with all sorts of crazy medical problems and mysterious. “Captain, I know what is wrong with him, he’s pregnant!” The doctor genre as proven it as staying powering and throwing a dose of scifi would make for an interesting mix. We’ve always seen the crews seek out new lifeforms, but we’ve never really seen in those lifeforms. It would be an excellent way to play with the established Trek and medical drama formats.

2. Star Trek Temporal Affairs


An episode of Deep Space Nine mentioned this, but the idea is their is an agency that goes around cleaning up all the problems that occur when someone goes back in time. It would sort of be like Timecop, but not silly. They would deal with the crazy time paradoxes the Kirks and Janeways of the world keep causing. It would also allow for a larger procedural build, which is a strong format used by the current producers of the new show.

3. Star Trek Orion


This idea is borrowed from Renegades, but to be honest I’m not a fan of a lot of element of that show. This would deal with a crew of outcasts and undercover Starfleet officers as they deal with the Orion Syndicate. A criminal empire so powerful they control whole star systems. This would be part spy drama, and law and order. I really think this as a ton of potential and could be so interesting to watch.

4. Star Trek Exploration

This is very much in the vein of TOS or TNG. A crew of explorers on the edge of known space dealing with the galaxy and getting into all sorts of wacky adventurers. Most likely this is the show that CBS is aiming to make, after all, its what the majority of Trek shows have been about, so it only makes sense to focus on the basics. That being said, these shows were strongly episodic and lacked a lot of the world-building that Trek is known for, so a straight procedural “planet of the week” would lack a lot of the nuance and originality of the original series.

5. Star Trek Cartoon


The idea is of an animated and kid friendly version of Star Trek. You could deal with all the cartoonish sides that Star Trek sometimes can make. (I’m looking at you Mudd) At the very least it would be a fun idea worth exploring and since it would be voice acting would make it much easier for the aging cast of the various Star Trek shows to come back one last time for a series.

6. Starfleet NCIS: Sleepy Hollow

So yeah, why not. Brought to you from the producers that made Fringe and Sleepy Hollow, and the network that brought you the highest rated drama NCIS, unite to bring you the show that you’ve already seen a million times, but this time it’s Star Trek! A group of starfleet agents tangle with wacky crimes caused by a interplanetary horde of monster-aliens looking to commit heinous crimes in the Federation, and only this group lead by Agent Joe Roughneck (Mark Harmon) and the time traveling Captain Archer (Scott Bakula), can stop them.

These are just a few ideas but overall what makes Star Trek is the characters. Interesting and diverse crews all working together to try and better humanity, or just seek adventure. No matter what the idea the number one priority would be to create a cast that we would enjoy watching and rooting for. The Star Trek universe is so big and has so many different races, and there are so many questions left to ask in the prime universe: What happened to the Borg? Are the Klingons and Federation still allies? How have the Romulans reacted to their home world getting blown up? What are those wacky Ferengi up to now? There are so many different options and paths all of these could go down and each one would be amazing to see on the small screen.

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