By Jerry Maynard

Some of you all may know how much we at Nerd Union like the movie “The Incredibles.” Its perhaps one of Pixar’s best movies and one of the best movies about a superhero family around…more on that ….. Since we have such a great respect of this movie we thought we would share what we know of what’s happening next in the world of our favorite superhero family with y’all and while not a lot of information has been released, (at least not until next years D23,) there are some interesting tidbits that have.

Currently we know that the movie is probably coming out before Frozen 2 and that Director Brad Bird does not want to take the film in the same direction as other superhero movies nor does He want it to be a commentary on other superhero films that are currently in play. The film is said to explore the family dynamic of the Parrs as they have grown older and are dealing with not only an older family but possibly a rebellious and maybe even villainous Jack Jack.

jack jack

Jack Jack’s powers in the original film were at best unstable (Floating between several different ones from what we saw in the first film.) And having been kidnapped by Syndrome apparently may have had more influence than we previously had thought and there are rumors floating around that Syndrome may actually not be dead and influencing Jack Jack.

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Given the family is said to be older in the film it will be interesting to see just how much older and if its enough if both Bob and Helen (Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl,)
have gone into more of a retired mentoring state with the children Dash and Violet and also the idea of an adult dash, to me, sounds hilarious and like who will be my favorite character already. Sadly that might mean less Frozone in the film or maybe just old does whatever he wants Frozone, which would be hilarious as well.

Regardless it will be interesting to see what route the movie goes and seeing how the first one is quite unlike any other film about superheroes, I expect that Bird will be just as innovative with the new entry, especially after waiting so long to begin this one.

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