by W.T. Bane

Captain America: Civil War is easily one of next year’s most anticipated films. Based off of the 2005 event comic that split the hero universe in two, fans are clamoring to know where our heroes stand. Which side are they on?

Thanks to the folks over at, some promo art for the upcoming film has been unleashed, spreading fuel to the fire of who is on who’s side during the upcoming epic superhero battle, and leaving us with all new questions.

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Team Captain America was glimpsed at in a post credits scene in Ant-Man, and seems confirmed by the promo art. It appears fighting alongside Captain America will be…

  • Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)
  • The Falcon
  • Ant-Man
  • Hawkeye
  • Sharon Carter

Some of these are obvious. The Falcon has always been good friends with Cap in the books and that friendship is blossoming in the films nicely.

Bucky Barnes long history with Cap seems to be what will draw him to that side once they de-crazy him, which is what appears to be what they were in the process of doing in Ant-man.

In that same scene it was implied that Ant-Man will be joining their ranks due to the respect he gained from the Falcon during their scuffle. I doubt Ant-Man will actually have a stance in the fight as much as he would be using this offer of a team-up to launch himself into a level of options of herodom. It’s a door opener for him to stay out of the crime life.

Hawkeye’s Jeremy Renner accidentally confirmed his siding in an interview at Wizard World Chicago recently. When asked by a fan why he was joining the first avenger, he replied…

“I don’t know; they wrote me in that side,” he said. “It made sense to me.” Followingly joking “Maybe I switched sides!”

This seems to be the first indication of Sharon Carter stepping up into a larger role in the superhero world. Based off her being a large love interest in the comics and her history of standing alongside Cap at the end of Winter Soldier it makes sense on which side she’s on.

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Standing against our heroes are… our other heroes. New promo are indicating joining Iron Man will be

  • War Machine
  • Vision
  • Black Widow
  • Black Panther

War Machine is essentially a given for why he’s with Iron Man.

Vision is an interesting choice. Perhaps he wants to stick with his pseudo-creator for the time being. His motivations will be interesting to discover during the film.

Black Widow is also an interesting situation. She has a long history with Hawkeye and why she has chosen to stand with Tony Stark instead of Captain America, someone else she worked closely with in Winter Soldier, will be interesting to see.

Black Panther had been rumored to play a neutral role in the film. He was rumored to being one of the catalyst for the split due to his association with Wakanda and the metal Vibranium which are rumored to be part of the reason for the Civil War in this film

New Questions

Scarlet Witch had been one of the remaining New Avengers at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron and rumors had suggested she would stand alongside her leader Captain America. All indications are that she is in the film and will be a part of the schism but why she is missing from the promo art with new focus on Sharon Carter instead is unknown.

Of course, the new Spider-man, Tom Holland, will be debuting next year in the film. There have been various reports over how much focus he will get since the recent acquisition of the character by Marvel Studios in their shared deal with Sony. First reports were that he would be a cameo. Then new reports suggested a much larger presence alongside Tony Stark’s troops. In the comics, Spider-man was initially on the Iron side debuting his controversial Iron-Spider armor at the time before having a change of heart and joining with Captain America. We’ll find out how much we will see him and what side he is on next year.    

Lastly, we still do not have 100% confirmation on why the Avengers are warring in the film. The book was based off the revealing of heroes identities to the government. Since almost no one in the cinematic universe has a secret identity, that most likely isn’t the case. Rumors are rampant about security issues and government sanctioning along with previously mentioned Wakanda. Only one way to find out.

Stay tuned true believers!

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