By W.T. Bane

Wait. What?

John Stewart is by all means a talented performer, entertainer, comedian and actor. His presence on the Daily Show is dearly missed and fans everywhere are anticipating when and what they can see him in next.

A WWE wrestling ring is not what they expected.


Stewart, a noted wrestling fan, has over the last several months had an on again off again feud with Seth Rollins, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, with each of them cutting promos on the other’s shows about why they hate each other.

Jon Stewart calls out Rollins

Stewart even made an appearance on WWE Raw a few months back to further their rivalry. Of course it’s been entertaining, but no one really expected Stewart to get physical.

Well last night Stewart took it to the next level. At WWE’s Summerslam, Seth Rollins was defending his championship against John Cena, and Cena was by all means about to win. Again. For his record tying 16th World Championship reign.  Because John Cena always wins. It’s what he does, and fans are bored with it. John Cena has been the WWE front man and mainstay for 10 years now. He’s always in the main event picture, even if he’s not the champion. He’s always the good guy. He always fights the bad guy and he always wins. To put it simply, he’s boring and a large portion of the audience is sick of him. Seth Rollins is the new and interesting, and fans are taking to him even if he is supposed to be the bad guy they all hate. Well last night, it looked like he was about to lose to Cena, and John Stewart hit the ring with a steel chair.


That is a sentence I never thought I’d write.

Anyway, this is a situation we’ve seen time and time again. The outside man runs into the ring with a weapon and is poised to strike the bad guy, but turns and hits the good guy instead. You can see it coming a mile away, and to be honest, Stewart sold this situation even worse than it should have been, by staring at John Cena while holding the chair. Even still, he hit Cena with the chair and assisted his great rival Rollins and saved the WWE Universe from another boring Cena championship reign.


Does the story make sense? Not really.

Does John Stewart have any business being in that ring? Nope.

Did he even really do a good job at his bit part? No again.


But was it entertaining and did he do what he always does and keep things entertaining and interesting? Absolutely.
And in return, the sounds of “THANK YOU STEWART” was heard echoing through New York.

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