By Kenneth Shipp


It’s time for your weekly rundown. We hit up all the major updates that occurred this week in the world of nerd.

D23 Expo


This weekend was Disney’s D23 Expo hosted in sunny Anaheim, California. With the addition of Marvel and Star Wars to the mix, this event has continued to grow and become a major source for movie releases and updates. It has certainly grabbed our attention this year.


First up, Disney released info on Star Wars-themed lands that will be built in Orlando’s Disney World and Anaheim’s Disneyland respectively. You’ll be able to ride inside the Millennium Falcon, check out cantina’s, and interact with Star Wars characters in real life. No timeline set for when this will be completed, but you can bet we will be some of the first ones lined up.


New photo showing off the cast of Star Wars: Rogue One, with Felicia Jones set prominently in the front. We don’t know much about this one except the fact it will be set before Episode 4 following this group as they steal plans for the first Death Star. In case you’ve gotten confused by the multitude of directors announced for these new slate of films, Gareth Edwards, who previously directed Godzilla last summer will take the helm of this one. We’ll get to see this it next year, Dec 2016.


The official Force Awakens poster was revealed this weekend with much applause. Of the original cast, Harrison Ford is the only one featured. But you know what I’m glad got confirmed in this poster, another black Jedi!! Laugh all you want, everyone loved on Harrison Ford this weekend (and rightfully so, seeing him at a convention is a rarity), but the only thing I cared about is Finn has a lightsaber!! Granted, it could amount to just using the thing once, but I don’t care.

Director Colin Trevorrow poses at the premiere of
Director Colin Trevorrow 2012 Sundance Film Festival (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Last bit of Star Wars news to wet your whistle, Colin Trevorrow has been confirmed to direct Episode IX. He’s come off a big summer with Jurassic World and before that, Safety Not Guaranteed in 2012. But we’ll have to wait a while to see what he can do with Star Wars. His installment wouldn’t release until 2019 so he’s got awhile to brush up and get immersed with the new batch of directors and producers spearheading this new expansion.


Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie made an appearance and showed off footage of Captain America: Civil War. What I would have given to be in that room. io9 reports various scenes showing Cap, Falcon and Black Widow fighting Crossbones in the streets, but also a bunch of interaction between Cap and Winter Soldier. When we get our eyes on that video, we’ll let you know. It’s sure to be full of juicy details we can pour over until May next year.

Box Office Numbers



In the box office, Straight Outta Compton takes the number one spot at $56 million, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation drops to second while The Man From U.N.C.L.E. makes it’s debut at number 3. And the abysmal Fantastic Four continues to slides going to 4th. I’m surprised Fox hasn’t merciful pulled that film from theaters early, if they did I’m sure no one would notice. Any whoo, Straight Outta Compton was a great; not everyone will enjoy watching it and it’s definitely rated R for a reason. But it definitely deals with race in very blunt ways and retells the honest account of young men facing hardships and the ways they rose above it. You are also treated to a slice of rap history as the film shows how interconnected NWA was with various artists who started in the 90’s like Snoop Dogg or Tupac. And there are plenty of pure comedic moments that are sure to endear you to the group. Check out our review tomorrow for more details and our score.


This week on Nerd Union, be sure to check out our wrap up and commentary on the D23 expo, Trevor Law and me review the first trailer to Quentin Tarantino’s newest film the Hateful Eight, due this December. And later this month, be on the lookout for our summer review as we go over the best movies of 2015.

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