What to Expect: Agents of SHIELD season 3

By James Nelson

With season three barreling toward us, it’s time to discuss what storylines we can reasonably expect in the next season. Thankfully, they’ve already told us what to expect already. Check it out below.

Secret Warriors

secret warriors

we know based on the release promo poster for season three that Secret Warriors is going to be the basis for it. This should be no surprise for fans of AoS or the original Secret Warriors comic because several of the antagonists and heroes have their origins in this book. It featured a secret team led by Nick Fury after SHIELD was disbanded for being infiltrated at the highest levels (sound familiar?). In the comics it was the Skrulls who had done the infiltrating and the team was composed of heroes with superpowers whom Fury had kept secret in case he ever needed them. In fact, he needed them not because SHIELD had been infiltrated by the Skrulls but also by HYDRA (sound even more familiar). Therefore, Fury used this team to launch a secret war against HYDRA after SHIELD had been disbanded by the governments of the world, meanwhile being hunted down by the replacement of SHIELD, HAMMER.

Basically what this means is next season will center around a team of superheroes under the direction of Coulson as they secure threats around the globe, including a restructuring HYDRA (cut off one head, yada-yada-yada), and potentially other super villains. After all, you can’t have superheroes without villains.

Alphabet soup enemies


Though we have no confirmation of this, the biggest story element in Secret Warriors was the underground war between the heroes and a varying slew of ancronymed organizations. Not only was Fury’s old nemesis HYDRA running about, there was also the successor to SHIELD, HAMMER, constantly trying to arrest the team. Though we have had the US military trying to catch the team, in season two Coulson reached a veritable truce with them. In addition, in the MCU after SHIELD’s fall, it was replaced by the Avenger’s as Earth’s protector. The problem with this, as depicted in Age of Ultron, is that even the Avengers need a organization of normal people, no matter how small, to help them. In addition, it was one of the Avengers who caused the Ultron crisis to begin with. I have a feeling that this will not sit well and will cause the creation of HAMMER, because the governments of the world can’t sit quietly and let these powered people protect them. and especially with the introduction of the Inhumans about to hit the mainstream, the world needs a security organization to protect them, and SHIELD is not going to be it.

Also, another group to look out for is Leviathan, which was not only in the Secret Warriors run, but also in Agent Carter. It’s very likely that we may see them crop up this season.


We have not seen the last of them (especially since they’re the MCU’s answer to mutants). In addition to the Inhuman, Lincoln, being promoted to series regular, the whole basis of the season seems to be collecting and creating this super powered team, this means Inhumans and those powered people on the registry who don’t entirely hate SHIELD.

More Mockingbird and Hawkeye *cough* I mean Hunter!

Thankfully, ABC heard our collective cries and put the idea of a AoS spin-off on hold. Therefore, we don’t have to worry about loosing these two awesome characters and returning to just the season one cast’s interpersonal drama (which has been thoroughly mined). Except for Tripp; #RIPTripp. I’ll miss that character.

Civil War


As with season one and two, this season will coincide with the release of the next MCU movie, Captain America: Civil War, but for those of you expecting that this show will heavily influence the movie or visa-versa, think again. It will continue their “light touch” approach or showing how the agents affect the MCU but not to the point that the cast actually shows up in the movie. That being said, if Civil War follows the comic book origins we need a unprepared team of young superheroes to take on someone more powerful than them which leads to a whole bunch of innocent bystanders getting killed. I think the Secret Warriors might be perfect candidates for that.

More Kree stuff

We saw Simmons pulled into an old Kree artifact at the end of the season two. There’s not a lot to go on, but comments made the actress who plays Simmons, Elizabeth Henstridge, leads me to believe that Simmons may have been teleported somewhere. Maybe back to the Kree homeworld even. After all, this rock was supposed to lead to the end of the Inhumans, maybe it was to take them back home so as to determine the success of their experiment? Regardless, this should lead this season down a road toward the Infinity Wars movies.

Hail Hydra!

Grant Ward is not going away, and based on last season’s finale, Ward is now assuming control of what remains of the organization. I can’t wait to see what this psychopath does next.


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