By Kenneth Shipp

I have a hard time believing that this mini-series will be any good. And to be honest, I have more info telling me it can be bad rather than good. But let’s talk a few things out and see if you agree with me.


The Cool Things in this trailer:

The New Guys- I’m excited for new characters since they truly have the potential to be the spark that makes the show successful. NBC alum Zachary Levi will be joining the cast with a bunch of unknowns who have had various small roles. My only hope is the chance for a breakout role to occur with the new crop of heroes. Otherwise, this series will fall hard on it’s face. I’m not diving deep into each character, just suffice it to say, there will be plenty of intrigue and developments to figure when the show gets going. Especially Zachary Levi’s character, I’m curious to see who exactly he is hunting or get revenge for in the trailer.

Laying it on thick, eh?
Laying it on thick, eh?

The Old Guys- Noah Bennett was one of the best and well-developed characters in the first Heroes series. I became a little annoyed how constantly he tried to protect Claire even after stuff got rolling in later seasons. But for the most part, I always liked his scenes and story arcs, especially his determination to take down Sylar. It’s good to see that at least early on, part of his previous work will brought to the forefront of this show. I’m also stoked to see that Hiro is back in this series as well. He was another one of my faves and his abilities appear to be desperately needed once again in this series.

So, that unfortunately is all I have in the good column….

The Bad Things in this trailer:

Gosh Darn Parkman and a Petrelli- This is why I really wish it had been a full reboot because this means that all of the other crap from season 3 and 4 still happened. And I know they won’t deal with it correctly. I have never had much love for Matt Parkman or Angela Petrelli; Petrelli had her moments, but not enough to make me excited. Parkman’s story arc during season 3 was subpar to say the less, not to mention I never bought Daphne and him as a couple in the first place. Having that mess showed in my face for what felt like an eternity was absurd. I could care less who else they bring back with the exception of Niki or Tracy, keep that mess of this show.

The eclipse, again?
The eclipse, again?

Re-hash of multiple storylines- I understand that we need a situation that’s going to cause these heroes to come out of the shadows. I have no problem with that or whatever the McGuffin might be for this season. But already, I can pick out two themes that seem like Kring just ripped himself off; ticking-time bombs and heroes being fugitives (which was literally the title of one of the volumes). I fail to see how any of the dangers that we should be concerned about will be any different here compared to previous seasons. Again, this isn’t a knock on catastrophic

And too many storylines- One of the strengths of Heroes was the way they played with multiple events and character arcs in the first season. That shines through the most in that season and they found the right balance. The other 3 seasons? They quickly showed they were not ready for that balancing act and ran good characters into the ground while poorly building up fairly insignificant or well-despised characters with bad

Tim Kring is still involved- How quickly we forget that despite the writer’s strike in the middle of season two production and various writer firings (which is debatable whatever Kring or NBC called for those firings), our old buddy Mr. Kring was and is still in the driver’s seat. Back then, I was willing to give him a pass for the issues of season 2, but the subsequent seasons showed me I was wrong. Hopefully, he’s grown as a creator and show runner, but that remains to be seen. He has only had two more shows under his belt since that time, so it remains to be seen what or how he has changed. What is certain is that Heroes had plenty of issues while he has been in charge which leads me to wonder if it’s worth watching this show. It makes me think about season one and while it was decent television, it could have easily of been a fluke compared to the subpar offerings that followed it.

I could rail on and on about things I don’t like from Heroes, but I will say this: I would love to be proven wrong about this because I really did enjoy the first season despite it’s flaws. I’m definitely pro superhuman shows being successful so I’d love to be able to stick with this series. I just haven’t seen anything yet to convince me that it will happen.

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