Tis’ the season to blow up fireworks, eat a ridiculous amount of hamburgers and hot dogs, and celebrate the birth of our nation. I’ll compiled a list of essential July 4th movies for you to watch. Let me know in the comments if you feel I’ve missed one or should have taken one off.


1. Rocky IV

Is there any reason for this movie not to be at the top? Rocky Balboa literally punched Russia in the mouth. And we received one of the best movie montages scenes leading up to the final fight that is constantly parodied today. Russians may not be to fond on the greater implications this film represented, but we will forever appreciate it, cheesiness and all!!

2. Saving Private Ryan

We received in this film one of the best representations of World War 2 in cinema history along with a visually captivating and appropriately grime look at the Normandy invasion. Tom Hanks delivers one of his most memorable performances with an ensemble cast and deals with some heavy content material as they search for Pvt. Ryan.


3. Air Force One

Indiana Jones became president and kicks Russians off his plane. I may have created the concept for a better movie, but for all of the simplistic plots, this one took a wild idea did a better job of showing a president defending his turf than White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen all rolled into one.


4. The Patriot

Does it sorta feel like an Americanized version of Braveheart? Yes. Do we care? Nope, seeing Mel Gibson lead a group of soldiers in guerrilla warfare especially after he loses his home and part of his family to British advances and transgressions. It sets a similar emotional stage to BH and gets the job done with a clever script that excels in certain areas, but fails in others. But if your looking for fun today, this will do the job.


5. Team America: World Police

Is the movie horribly offensive? Of course it is and in many ways. But it certainly hit a home run with pointed and harsh critique of American intervention overseas. Along with giving us one of the best American theme songs since the Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to be an American”, this movie made the list as a no-brainer to me and an ugh to others.


6. Independence Day

Aliens destroy classic landmarks in the best way possible. Plus we get great one liners from Will Smith at the start of his summer blockbuster prime. Check out our Review Rewind for a more detailed explanation of this film’s awesomeness.


7. This is America, Charlie Brown

I can’t think of a better way to re-educate yourself than popping this one back in your blu-ray player and enjoying a fun romp through various points in history with the Peanuts gang. Rather odd being placed in this grouping, but I think you’ll see it holds it’s own.

Extra Credit:


Schoolhouse Rock: I’m Just A Bill

Many members of our congress could use a refresher course on how bills actually get passed. I didn’t include this one above because I wanted to stick to movies. Otherwise, I would have included Band of Brothers and House of Cards which deserve some recognition.

Again, if you feel we missed one, let us hear it in the comments!!

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